Random Thoughts for the Weekend

  • Finishing up the first week in our new home. We’ve come a long way, still many boxes to unpack.
  • This hot weather must be good for Southern Company Stock. It’s jumped almost $2 in the last week.
  • The Turning Pointe Family is headed out to give away free pizzas tonight and invite people to a block party next weekend.
  • Donna and Scott (Pastor of TP) welcomed their 3rd baby girl into the world yesterday. Congrats mom and dad, I’ll be by to check on y’all in a few.
  • That means that I’m breaking the bread on Sunday. Sermon title is, “God is Love”. I’ve been up studying this morning, can’t wait!
  • We’re taking the kids to see UP on Saturday. They are pumped!
  • Father’s day is Sunday. We’re planning to have lunch with my Dad and Mom.

Peace Out. TD

One thought on “Random Thoughts for the Weekend

  1. Hey Trenidy,
    Love your blog, love your inspiration from the Lord, Love you! God’s weaved amazing things into your life, and on this day, I know your very thankful for three of those amazing gifts. Happy Father’s Day! Keep setting the example. It’s a “high calling” but one worthy of the race. Blessings and love for your new home. ~Tonya

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