Gym Wars: Anytime Vs. Snap


I enjoy regularly exercising, however I don’t enjoy visiting the same gym over and over. For the three years I’ve lived in Petal, Mississippi I’ve been a part of three different gyms. Most recently I joined the Petal location of Anytime Fitness. I was also a member of Snap Fitness for two years. Both of these gyms are locally owned, but associated with a national brand. One of the benefits of being a member of one of these gyms is that you can exercise at other gyms flying the same name at locations throughout the U.S. This comes in handy when you are traveling or simply desire a change of scenery. I’ve only been at Anytime for about a month and here are my observations when comparing Snap Fitness and Anytime Fitness.

Location: Snap is closer to my home and has another location in nearby Hattiesburg, Gulfport, and Meridian. All locations I visit often. The Hattiesburg Anytime location closed and while it also has sites in Meridian and on the Coast they are not as convenient to the places I travel. The only redeeming factor is that Anytime has a location in the big city of Wiggins MS. However it is still not enough:

Location Winner, Snap

Terms/Cost: I really enjoyed Snaps terms in that there was no contract. I was on a month to month payment basis. Actually they allowed me to pay six month in advance and get a better deal. With this deal I was about to pay around $36 per month. Anytime wants a commitment and to get the best deal, (most recently $29 per month) I had to sign a two year commitment and pay around $50 to join. I asked about prepayment, but was offered a messily %10 discount. Now I must say $29 per month is a deal in my book, even though I don’t like the commitment.

Terms/Cost Winner, Draw

Facilities: Snap was always clean and had a nice selection of free weights, machines, and cardio equipment. It also offered free Wi-Fi for its members. However I despised the small bathrooms with only one men’s bathroom. Anytime seems to be staffed more often however; when I recently asked for the Wi-Fi access code, I was told that it was for “Business Only”. Apparently that meant that I was not their business-This does not make an I.T. guy happy. Anytime does have two unisex bathrooms that at least give me an option instead of waiting, which in my book makes Anytime the winner.

Facilities: Winner, is Anytime

So Anytime still has 23 months to either loose or win this in my mind. I guess I’ll keep asking for the Wi-Fi code.

3 thoughts on “Gym Wars: Anytime Vs. Snap

  1. As a professional power lifter and body sculptor, I would be interested in your joining of a local gym called 180 Fitness and a thoughtful review of the same.

  2. Tim, I know it only cost $2 per month to join 180. Though it is very tempting I need more variety and will not be joining. Sorry

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